Bedlington Consistory 112

On Wednesday 18th September Bedlington Consistory was honoured by the presence of the Most Distinguished Companion Ian S Currans Grand Summus. It was also the occasion of an Official Visit to the Consistory by the Provincial Grand Senatus, headed by Provincial Grand Summus R Dist Comp Michael A Jacques. The Consistory welcomed joining member James Malcolm III and also Inducted Companion John GM Bennie who became an Ostiarus. The ceremony was carried out by Primus (O) Dist Comp Roy Vaughan V (John’s friend and proposer) in an excellent manner. This ceremony of Induction was followed by the Installation of a new President Dist Comp Morgan McDonald III. The out-going President Dist Comp Malcolm Thomson did a truly remarkable job installing Morgan. The Grand Summus has jokingly put some pressure on Malcolm stating that he (Grand Summus) had installed many Presidents recently and was keen to see if Malcolm could do it. The Grand Summus said that tonight’s ceremony was nearly as good as he had himself had done. Heartiest congratulations went to Malcolm and Morgan.